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Creative Visualization

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Hello Everyone! 

Thank you for joining me for a short discussion on visualization. Visualization, affirmations and meditation are the foundation to creating happiness and the life you desire. This may be a common term you have heard and used, but we are all on a learning curve to transformation. Please stay with me during this discussion and see how these terms relate to you and your journey. Visualization is a technique using YOUR imagination to create what YOU want to see, feel and experience in your life. Imagination is the ability to create an idea, mental picture, feeling or smell. Creative Visualization because the picture, idea, or feeling is based on your values, beliefs and experiences. Others may visualize for you or about you but this is based on their beliefs and experiences. Remember as children we played make believe or dress up and freely and creatively used our imagination. Then, life happened and our imagination became clouded and cluttered. Reawakening is coming back to that time of conscientiousness and these are the tools that get us there. The term affirmation is a strong, positive statement in the present tense that is something "already so" and to "make firm". An example would be,"I love and appreciate myself just the way I am." Said repeatedly, the mind recognizes the statement, and it becomes reality. So, I invite you over the next few days and weeks that you practice creative visualization. 

1. Either in quiet meditation or throughout your day, vision something you would like to create, have, work toward or manifest. 

2. Create an idea, mental picture or feeling based on your desire. Give it life! 

3. Focus on it often, not just one time and know that your picture may change.

4.Give it positive and loving energy or create an affirmation around it. 

5. Continue with this process until you are satisfied with the outcome. 

Thank you for reading and feedback is always appreciated. 

Until our next conversation, Namaste!

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