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Motivational Intuitive Coaching

Motivational Coaching - We collabirate to resolve areas of disconnect and dis-ease in your life. This helps to work to develop a plan bringing abundance, prosperity, good health and joy into your life.

Through dialoging we discover root issues that are blocking emotional and physical growth. These issues will allow clarity on many levels: career, personal relationships, and health.

Energy Alignment

Chakras are energy centers found in everyone. Most often we identify 7 major centers located along the spine. The purpose of the chakras is to receive, transform and distribute energy throughout the body. Chakras are essential to our physical, emotional and spiritual health.

Throughout our day to day life experiences, it is possible that the chakras can become out of balance and lead to imbalances in our physical or emotional life.

A session of Energy Alignment tests the existing condition of the chakras which shows if the chakra is in

homeostasis and balanced with the other chakras. The chakras are then rebalanced and the vibrational flow of energy is restored.

A session also includes further education about the chakras and simple exercises, visualizations and meditations on how to maintain the chakra energy and how to recognize when the are out of balance.

Oracle Card Readings

Oracle comes from the Latin word "orare" which means to speak. The oracle cards are a system for the spirit world to communicate to the physical world. It is a way to connect with higher wisdom about your life and reflect upon where you have been and what you have learned, where you are now and which direction you are heading.

Readings can be One Card,Two Card,Three Card Readings and Multiple Card Readings. The focus of the reading can be on relationships, career, financial, health, general or other topics.

Readings are available in person, phone or video conferencing.

Rev. Love is available for speaking engagements, massage therapy, and spiritual energy trainings.